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When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Phone or (Sun)Glasses?

With the growing concerns of coronavirus transmissions, cleaning and disinfecting has become a new norm for everyone around the world.

From hands, Amazon packages, to groceries, people are using sanitizers, wipes, and sprays to disinfect any potential germs.  But when is the last time you cleaned your phone and glasses of potentially harmful microbes?

You may be washing your hands and sanitizing them religiously; but if bacteria and viruses end up on your phone or eyewear that you momentarily left on a contaminated surface, they will end right on those clean hands and faces!

There are many cleaning agents and methods to clean hands and surfaces, but not all options may be beneficial for your tech and eyewear as they have special coatings that may be compromised by harsh chemicals and wipes.

*Remember to power down and unplug devices before cleaning

*The cleaning methods also work great to remove dirt, makeup, oils, smudges, etc.

1. DO NOT use pure alcohol, window cleaner, or kitchen cleaners on glasses or phone screens.

Pure alcohol and ingredients in these products can strip phones of the hydrophobic coating that protects your screens and ports from water.  It can also strip the special coatings (like anti-reflective coatings) on lenses.

2. DO NOT use paper towels.

The abrasive nature of paper towels can scratch lenses and phone screens.

3. DO NOT use make up remover.

After a phone call, you can be left with the notorious makeup cheek print on your phone screen. It may be tempting to use a make up remover wipe to clean off the residue, but make up removers may have chemicals the can be harsh to electronic screens. All you need is our microfiber cloth to wipe off the toughest make up off of screens without any chemicals needed. 

(Our staff's pick for this clean up is the Chamois Cloths)

4. DO NOT use Compressed air.

This may have worked on your Nintendo 64 games, but blowing the intensely pressurized air onto your phones may cause damage to components like your mic. Watch our video to see a quick trick on getting those nooks and crannies spanking clean.

5. JUST USE our microfiber cloths with the help of only water, if needed.

Our microfiber cloths will pick up just about anything without the need for harsh chemicals. It will leave your phone screens and eyewear free of grime, oil, fingerprints, and bacteria without harming your belongings.  Sticky situations like gum or glue can be cleaned up by applying a dot of hand sanitizer on your microfiber cloth and rubbing the debris off of surfaces.

After couple of uses, make sure to hand wash your microfiber cloths with warm water or just toss them in the washing machine with like fabrics (do not use bleach or fabric softener). Then air dry, and they’re good as new!

Hope you continue to stay healthy and well during these uncertain times.

Happy chemical-free cleaning!





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